Soulless in Seattle (Maxie Duncan, Book 2) is on sale now!

Evil doesn't take a vacation! 

Everything is back to normal for L.A.’s newest witch, Maxie Duncan. That is until her roommate‘s sister shows up with a problem. Her home, business, and son are all being threatened by a dark presence. She needs help and she needs it yesterday. 

Van decides to got to her sister’s aid and Maxie can’t help but volunteer herself as he chauffeur to Seattle. They plan to head up Highway 101 and have a girl’s road trip along the way. 

But when a witch and a pixie hit the road, nothing but trouble follows. Now the newbie witch and her best friend will have to face evils statues, psycho paparazzi, strange Supernaturals, bizarre towns, a tiny puppy, and a drifter named Charlie Van Allen, who shows up way too often for it to coincidence. 

If Maxie can live through the trip and help Van save her family, it will be a miracle of the fabulous kind.

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