22-year-old Maddie Monroe thinks she is doomed to a meaningless life. She works a dead-end job at an all-night diner and dreams of the day her boyfriend whisks her away from it all. When she saves a scarred stranger from a pack of drunk locals, she has no idea it will end with her stuck in a strange world on a quest to find someone who can send her back home. 

Now she must rely on the odd group of outcasts she's fallen in with to keep her alive while she's in the Sorrows: The scarred stranger who used to be the Prince's advisor, the thought form who shouldn't exist, the elk who talks because of a head injury, and the angel who's more suited for a padded cell than a battlefield. They are all that stand between her and the evil King whose reach stretches to all corners of the Realms. 

Can Maddie stay one step ahead of the Thorn King and find a way home or will she succumb to the madness of the Sorrows?

Meet Author Melissa L. Webb

Melissa L. Webb is a writer, dreamer, thinker, and a seeker. She currently lives between the ocean and the redwoods, with her dog, Nessie.

Melissa L. Webb

The Sorrows is a place of Monsters and Mayhem. It's a place where a girl could get eaten alive- literally. 

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